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What are consumers/eaters looking for?

Did you know that Aussie women* prefer food and produce that is  :
    - chem-free* (90% preference)?
    - nutrient-dense (75%)?
    - GM-free (70%)? ... and so on.

* according to a pre-COVID19 survey. These preferences are likely to be higher post-COVID19.

* Did you know that Organic Certification ends at the farm gate, with food stores requiring fungicides to be sprayed 2-5 days before delivery. So, if you are looking for totally chem-free, your best chance is direct from farmer, grower or producer!

FindGoodFood (FGF) focuses more on the produce you eat than on the Providore! 

Providores can rate their produce / varieites as 'poor', 'average', 'good' or 'excellent', ether objectively or subjectively.

Conumers can give 5 Star ratings feed-back on both produce quality and/or service.
Soon, everyone interested in 'good' food and produce will have mobile devices, like the one below.  And, checking for chem-free, GM-free is just around the corner!        

Eat well, feel better and live longer!

Facts vs. Guidelines.

Until mobile apps came along, most people relied on "Guidelines" given by medical doctors, nutritionists, dieticians and other sources.

Apps are faster changing this - from guidelines to facts. 

Now, you even take a pic of a plate of food to identify and size each item on the plate, and calculate the food value (nutrient intake). 

FindGoodFood takes it a step further, irrespective of what dietary regime you follow, from Paleo to Vegan, allowing you to balance your and/or your household's Recommended Nutrient Intake (RNI, replacing RDI) - one of the best ways of looking after yourself and/or your kids.

* data tables from the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) and Food Standards Australia & New Zealand (FSANZ).

This 'spot check' on your weekly shopping only take about 30 mins or so. And worth doing once every 5 years or so, to see how your  / your household's RNI* is shaping up.

And find out what natural foods (or Wellness Supplements, if you are happy to take chems) will better balance whatever excesses / deficiencies you may have.

Prevention** is always better (and cheaper) than cure!  
** tried-and-tested medical philosophies / practices adopted by the Chinese, Indians and others over past 5000 years. 

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